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Our mission is to make the world smile one scoop at a time.

Since its inception in 2019, Frosty's Frozen Treats has been dedicated to bringing the fruity and flavorful taste of Italian Ice to Georgia. The inspiration for our business came from a quote, "If you want to make everyone happy, sell ice cream." We decided on Italian ice because people can get ice cream anywhere. We wanted to create a niche market with a personalized and unique experience.

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Communities, Corporations, Couples, Families and Individuals

Frosty's Frozen Treats caters to both private and public events throughout the state of GA including corporate events, private parties, weddings, festivals/fairs, school events, grand openings, church events and more. We provide services to the metro Atlanta area including the surrounding counties.  We can travel as far as a couple of hours from Atlanta for large events. We are dedicated to supporting the community by providing sponsorships for sporting leagues/companies, working with schools, religious and charitable organization in an effort to uplift the community.  Being involved in the community allows Frosty's Frozen Treats' founders and staff to serve the community that supported us and to give back and say thank you.

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